Advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plant – top 5

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plant ?

Advantages of thermal power plant

  • Thermal power plant has less setup cost as compare to hydro power plant.
  • Coal thermal power plant is cheapest source for electricity generation worldwide.
  • Fuel cost is relatively low.
  • It is cost effective and need less space.
  • It is easy to maintain as heat can be reused.
  • Huge amount of energy can be obtained based on requirement.
  • Thermal power plant can be installed anywhere, has less boundadtion as compare to hydro electric power plant.

Disadvantages of thermal power plant

  • It produce large amount of smoke that polute the environment.
  • Running and maintainance cast is more as compare to hydro electric power plant.
  • Overall efficiency of thermal power plant is less.
  • Efficiency of the plant reduces over time.
  • This plant is not enviroment friendly, as it produce smoke and harful gases to the environment.
  • More land use for storing coal and ash.

Thermal energy equation in physics– Thermal power formula

Q = mcpdT

here dT = T2f-T1

Here in this equation :
Q = heat transferred
m = mass
cp = specific heat capacity
T2 = final temperature
T1 = initial temperature

Heat transferred = mass * specific heat capacity* (final temperature – initial temperature)

Thermal energy equation and formula

What is thermal energy

The energy that gererate from increasing the temprature of the substance is called thermal energy.

On raising the temprature of the substance atoms and molecule of the substance move faster as increase in the kinetic energy.

Collision start between molecule that leads heat in substance.

Thermal energy due to friction

Thermal energy produce due to friction of the object, for example when a box is dragged on the rough floor with constant velocity than all the work done by friction result change in energy that is stored as thermal energy of the box.

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Thermal power plant image

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plant

Thermal power plant

Thermal power generation image

thermal power plant diagram
thermal power plant process image

Thermal power plant

Thermal power plant is a power station where heat energy is use to produce electricity. This type of power plant also known as thermal power station.

So basically water is converted into stream that is used to drive an electrical generator.

Thermal energy generation

Application of thermal energy

  • Thermal energy is used in cooking.
  • For drying and protecting things from moisture.
  • For baking purpose.

Example of thermal energy

There are various example of thermal energy that can be good example of thermal energy. Thermal energy we use in our daily day to day life. Some of them are listed below.

  • The warmth from the sun, as sun produce heat and provide good amount of heat that can raise the temprature of the object.
  • A cup of hot chocolate, can we pour hot coffee in cup heat of warm coffee transfer to cup and slowly cup temprate raise.
  • Baking in an oven, when ever we put food inside oven than on raising tempreture than duw to heat food gets prepare.
  • The heat from a heater.

How to calculate thermal energy

To calculate thermal energy of the substance we need its mass, and temperature of object before heat and after heat and specific heat capacity of the substance. Than by using formula.

Thermal energy = m*c*dT

as in above thermal energy formula.

Question on thermal energy and thermal power

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