Top 5 emerging technology 2020

Here are some top 5 emerging technology 2020 years, these are some of the top trending upcoming technologies, So here is the tech updates. This technology playing a vital role in the present generation and would be very helpful for future generations as well, so here comes emerging technology.

These are Top 5 emerging technology 2020

  1. 5G technology
  2. Ai (Artificial Intelligence)
  3. AR/VR
  4. Biometric
  5. 3D printer

5G technology

5G technology is upcoming telecom networks technology generally 5th generation network technology, before 5G there were
2G, 3G now 4G is running, so this would be the next generation of network. 5G would be faster and that will provide good synch between various devices working over the network worldwide. For depth understanding of 5G technology visit to the link.

5G network speed is expected to be 1/2 Gbps, this will be costly at the initial stage but over time and the number of the subscriber, data cost would be feasible for normal users.

There are many smartphones that have 5G enable network features some of them are LG V50 THINQ, Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3. There are many others but we are giving some of the names. These are initial smartphone that comes in a 5G network and later in upcoming days, many other phones would come.

If we talked about the countries using 5G technology than South Korea, UK, Germany and US are using 5G technology.

5G upcoming technology
5G upcoming network technology


Ai (Artificial Intelligence) is intelligence to function of the machine, Ai is a wide topic in the world of technology and science, the machine capable of gaining knowledge by own and can apply that knowledge in the work called ai. This knowledge could be history data, previous test analysis and leaning by doing.

So now the machine is also capable to work as a human, I can interact with other machines or humans and can perform a particular task in a more sophisticated way that has never done before. AI is the advance form of a robot made by the human.

Some of the popular Ai systems are OK Google, Amazon’s Alexa, iPhone Siri and there are many others who work intelligently and perform very accurate tasks.

Ai (Artificial Intelligence) emerging technology
Ai (Artificial Intelligence)

AR (Augmented Reality) / VR (Virtual Reality) an emerging technology of 2020

AR or Augmented reality is an interactive experience with the real world using a virtual environment. Augmented reality now becomes a popular term for tech-savvy. There have been many concepts regarding the augmented reality, but in this era those imagination and concepts are coming in reality.

So Augmented reality makes you feel like a real environment, like putting some furniture at home in the virtual world and experience how they will look. playing games on mobile in the real world. I will show some clips down that will clear your understanding of AR.

Whereas VR is virtual reality and its inside gadget where you can experience the superior 3D world and can interact with it. For this, you need a VR headset and controller to interact with the virtual world objects. SO it’s completely different from AR. And these those combining called Mixed reality.

AR/VR technology 2020


A biometric system is used to detect person properties and identity based on a biological organism. Biometric data can be a fingerprint, palm veins, face recognition, DNA, palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition, retina, odor/scent and many others.

So it’s a very powerful way to detect a person’s identity. Most of the security systems now using this system to identify people.

Biometric system technology 2020
Biometric system 2020

3D printing

3D printing is an emerging technology of 2019-20 years. You might have done print out but many of us had never been expected that we can print 3D objects also, a small modal of a 3D object. 3D printing is a process that can design a 3D modal.

A 3D designing printer is a machine that design object by adding a small layer by layer on the object. There is an option to add material also on 3D printer o design object, this technology would very helpfull in upcoming years in the field of AI. Once scanning objects 3D printer can design it an identical piece that is really a great thing.

3D printing
3D printing technology 2020

Top 5 emerging technology 2020

These technologies would be the future of today’s generation and will play a vital role in the upcoming world. SO this article was about Top 5 emerging technology of the year 2020. For more tech updates stay with us.

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