“Digital education” key to change the education ecosystem

The digital education system in India can be a great idea to make our education system efficient and most productive. Nowadays there are many resource and tools are present on the internet to enhance the quality of education and to create a self-learning environment.

There should not be a dependency on schools for getting a good education but online learning or e-learning can play an important role to improve the education system.

Education System In India

Education has been a crisis in our country and lack of it has been responsible for all sorts of evil for hundreds of years.

We cannot refuse the fact that the Indian govt and institutions have been working to reform the existing education model. Here we are providing How to Improve Education System in India.

education system in india
Education system in india

How To Improve Education System with digital education In India.

While we all recognize how important education is to shape our lives, it has also been a major problem in our country. There are numerous issues that the Indian education system is grappled with.

On the other hand, there are still several issues which are required to be taken care of. Creating a few more schools or permitting hundreds of colleges and private universities to increase rapidly is not going to resolve the crisis of education in India. In this country, millions of students are sufferers of an unrealistic, pointless, mindless rat race. 

As we all know that we also live in a country where the people see education as the means of mountaineering the social and financial ladder.

If the education system is deteriorating – then it is without a doubt not due to lack of demand for a good education, or as a market for education does not survive.

In India, the Education scheme is failing because of more essential reasons. There are complete mistakes that do not let our demand for good education translate into a great marketplace with excellent education services. From here check How to Improve Education System in India

What should change in India education system? What needs to be fixed at the earliest?

  • Focus on skill-based education
  • Reward creativity, original thinking, research and innovation
  • Get smarter people to teach
  • Education for all
  • Implement massive technology infrastructure for education
  • Re-define the purpose of the education system
  • Effective deregulation
  • Take mediocrity out of the system
  • Personalize learning – one size does not fit all
  • Make reservation irrelevant

What is quality education?

Quality education is the essential requirement of every nation and the people. A good education is the one which makes a person better .Quality education is not a simple perception to qualify.

At a time when we are conversing a quality education for our entire beginner, it is significant to take time to recognize this concept. An education that is well planned to provide the receiver with an all-round growth of skills and perspective to achieve success in their future endeavors in society.

Quality education is the most important issue of today’s world

What is the benefit of distance education? 

Distance mode of Education helps to modernize the information base of professionals at their working places. So it always has need of special techniques of course design, instructional techniques & method of communication as well as managerial and directorial arrangements.

Due to constant boost in the population and shortage of infrastructure, financial, and personnel resources, distance education systems helps million of students to full fill their learning aspiration.

But among the different methods of education, this mode has inbuilt potentialities to restrain our national problem of illiteracy.

Distance Education offers plenty of flexibility, any individual can plan his/her own schedule to learn, and at the same time work. They can also learn at their own pace in view of the fact that the books and study material, lecture videos are all saved online.

One other important aspects of e-learning or digital education are that we can reuse the material with less effort and can analyze student performance using some digital tool, which either government can develop or can take help from its firm.

Digital technology solutions

digital education for better result in education system

Digital technology has transformed current life by adding numerous benefits to it. This comprises of all types of electronic equipment and applications that use information in the form of numeric code.

At the present time, we carry smartphones, tablets with us, which by all resources are a smaller version of an old age computer, a storage device, a camera with additional artificial intelligence, and comfort.

Modern technology has transformed our lives tremendously, impacting the way we used to move, work, shop, and converse or entertain ourselves.

Digital technology has transformed continuously in current decades. It’s now rare to find an electronic device or part of machinery that doesn’t incorporate digital technology in it making the past technology a bit obsolete.

Benefits of digital technology in education system

e-learning solution in education system
e-learning in education system

Speedy Technology

Internet excellence and speed have improved exponentially with digital transformation plans leading to continuing progress in the field of communications.


The nature of work has been changed in the digital age. Increased connectivity has led individuals to work online or from home. Online selling and blogging, are some great examples of how digital technology has transformed.

Global Access Advantage

Anybody with the right to use to the internet now has the right to use to a huge percentage of the world’s information over the web. Training and courses can now be delivered practically online.


Digital technology has allowed devices to be more compressed, quicker, lighter, and adaptable. Large amounts of data and information can be a store or accessed locally, remotely, and virtually instantly.


Digital technology has enhanced social connectivity by manifolds.  Now it’s so easier to stay in touch and connected with friends, family, and your workplace, being present in any part of the world.

Keeps you Updated

Through digital media such as websites, apps, and other digital platforms no one is inaccessible in the digital world. News and local events inform users on a regular basis about what’s happening around the globe.

Portable Devices

One major benefit of digital technology is that it has made all devices and gadgets portable and handy. All electronic gadgets that we carry around are some examples of how digitalization has made our lives simpler and easier.

Digital education system and e-Learning

Digital education is the new use of digital tools and technologies all through teaching and learning and is frequently referred to as Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) or e-Learning.

Exploring the use of digital technologies gives the instructor the prospect to design engaging learning opportunities in the courses they teach, and these can take the form of blended or fully online courses and programs.

In the end, digital education is the requirement of today’s generation and although we can create a better environment virtually to learn things but also we should improve our present education system for getting good efficiency.

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