Top 5 best dating apps in India 2020

Some of the best dating apps in India, which you can try.

2020’s best dating apps in India

The online fashion of dating in India is growing every day. It’s good to have someone to talk to particularly if you are away from your homes and living alone.

The online dating world can be quite daunting for those who are singles and divorce in India.  Here we are providing a list of Top 5 Dating Apps in India. Go through the complete reviews to make sure which app suits your personality

In India Online dating world can be rather frightening for singles; many get so confused before start using any Dating Apps. Check best dating apps in India by listing out all their pros, cons & costs.

Further detailed explanations of all the best dating apps in India are uttered below. You can sign up on any of these dating apps which are very secure and you can easily start browsing profiles.

best dating apps in  india
best dating apps list in india in 2020

Top 5 best dating apps in India in 2020

Here are the 5 best dating app in India in 2020 that you can use to meet new people & connect with them.

1. Tinder

Tinder is the most well-liked and hands-down, best dating app in India that is used by many individuals who favor online dating. It is the ultimate dating app that permits its users to find single individuals near them by swiping left or swiping right on the app.

Tinder’s free version that gives you limited swipes with restricted access to singles only in your area. On the other hand, Tinder Premium takes the complete online dating experience to a level ahead.

tinder dating app
tinder dating app 2020

Pros of Tinder (best dating app in India)

  • Find plenty of options.
  • You hold power to like or not like.
  • It might match you with your real-life crush.
  • It’s for everyone- men, women, and LGBTQ members.

Cons of Tinder 

  • There is a probability of being catfished.
  • Your privacy might be at stake.
  • It encourages the hook-up culture.
  • Not capable to fix accidental swipes.

2. Bumble

Bumble app is another one of the most excellent dating apps in India that, is different other dating apps, comes with a twist. Once you are coordinated with a person on the app, women need to make the first move to start the conversation, making it a proposal to break the stereotype.

For same-sex matches, moreover, a person can make the first move to begin a conversation with their match on Bumble. Bumble has severe rules and practices for making the app a secure and friendly place for all its users. 

bumble dating app
bumble dating app 2020

Pros of Bumble (top dating apps in India)

  • It allows women to make the first move, thereby, initiate conversation.
  • 60% of matches result in a conversation.
  • Gender demographics of the app are roughly equal.
  • You can make use of Bumble for dating, networking, and finding friends.

Cons of Bumble

  • Men can’t initiate the conversation.
  • Only 24 hours to make a match permanent by initiating conversation.
  • Simple search criteria based on gender, age, and location.
  • You check Bumble, another huge dating app in India here:

3. Happn

Happn is one more one of the top dating apps in India that uses an exclusive match-making algorithm, to make effective dating a more real-time experience.

As a Happn user, you’re linked with all the Happn users who pass your ways all the way through the day. If both the users like each other’s profile, it’s a match!

Happn, among the best dating app in India, gives you an idea about you the people in your vicinity. So if you annoyed path with somebody today and you sort of like him/her, go ahead and open your app to find out if he’s a crush.

happn dating app in india
happn dating app in india

Pros of Happn

  • Chance encounters feel possible again.
  • Harder for scammers and bots to make accounts.
  • Easier connections

Cons of Happn

  • Proximity restricted
  • Small town singles may run out of matches
  • Safety might be at stake
  • You can check Happn, the best dating app in India, here: 

4. OkCupid

OkCupid, recognized from its animated ads all around the web, is another great dating app in India that you can make use of to find your soulmate.

Nothing like other dating apps that rely more on pictures, OkCupid lives to find genuine compatible matches through the set of questions answered by both the users, It then moves about ahead to find their compatibility score between users to find their perfect match.

okcupid dating app
okcupid dating app

Pros of using OKCupid as a dating app in India

  • An easy user interface that allows users to build their profile based on their interests.
  • The app has a simple messaging interface
  • OkCupid app also holds an extraordinary virtual dating feature
  • You can browse for your potential matches depending on your geolocation choice.

Cons of OKCupid, one of the dating apps in India

  • The app doesn’t have a large database as other online dating websites
  • There might be a lot of fake accounts due to no-cost registration.
  • You can check OkCupid, amongst the best dating apps in India here:

 5. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is another popular dating app used in India that is somewhat similar to a Tinder alternative, with a couple of alike features.

The online dating platform has a severe confirmation procedure that needs to be followed to create a ‘trustable’ profile on TrulyMadly. This ensures that no one builds a false profile on the platform, saving users from any catfish situation.

In India amongst the leading dating apps, TrulyMadly uses a trust-based score to verify its users and also allows you to be the wingman or wingwoman that helps find your best friend her type of matches. 

TrulyMadly dating app
TrulyMadly dating app

Some feature of the TrulyMadly app are:

  • Dating app has an incognito mode.
  • The intense verification process based on faith scores makes it not possible to catfish.
  • Referrals help boost your trust score.
  • Your DP is secure on the dating app as there is no way one can take a screenshot of it or download it.
  • The paid version of the app encloses additional cool features such as their compatibility quiz, no ads, and more.

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