Top 5 Chinese apps booming in India

These Chinese apps really booming in India, have a huge amount of Indian users. Check out the full list of top 5 chinese apps below.

Top 5 popular chinese apps in India

Like every field, Chinese apps have got success in taking over the Indian market. Over the past few years, Chinese apps have been growing vastly in India and hold a share of 40%-41% in the Indian mobile application market. With a population of approx 1.39 billion, India has become the fastest market in mobile application users. Billions of Indian smartphone users using Chinese apps and these apps are very popular in India. over the few past years, India has become the fastest-growing mobile application market in the world.

Chinese apps become very successful in taking over the Indian app market just because traffic on the internet and smartphone users is increasing very fast in India. Reports say that Chinese applications are ruling the Indian app market as a lot of users opted to download Chinese applications. These apps are so popular and people are promoting these apps and china apps market earning huge revenue from them. In this article, we are providing Top 5 Chinese apps in India that we are using.  

List of top 5 popular chinese apps in indian market

Dear valued viewers check out these top 5 Chinese apps in India. These apps are developed directly by Chinese developers, Various corporation from around the world desire to build up a tough base in India. Countries like China have a stranglehold amongst the Indian users due to first-mover advantage. The number of people in India who are using smartphones and the internet is growing daily. This is why India has become the world’s fastest-increasing mobile app market over the past few years. 

Most popular Chinese apps among top 50 in India

An extensive range of Chinese apps have developed and has gained huge popularity in India over the past year.

  • Social content platforms: Helo and SHAREit;
  • Video and live streaming ones: LiveMe, Vigo Video, Bigo Live,
  • Utility apps: BeautyPlus,  Cam Scanner, Xender
  • Entertainment and engagement apps: TikTok, LIKE, and Kwai;
  • Web browser: UCBrowser/UCBrowser Mini
  • Gaming apps: PUBG, Mobile Legends, Clash of Kings
  • E-commerce apps: ClubFactory, SHEIN, and ROMWE.

Top five Chinese Apps ruling in India


Yes, the First app is SHAREit you might have been using this app from a long time, but yes this is also a Chinese app, a Chinese company founded in 2015. SHAREit is used in sharing files, videos, photos, videos, contacts, apps, and other files. SHAREit is available in approx 45 languages. It has a secure connection protocol and has a higher speed than Bluetooth. 

This sharing app uses a protected connection protocol and has transfer speeds faster than Bluetooth . Other methods for file sharing are either through Bluetooth, NFC, or USB drives. Looking at the unsafe protocol & slow speed of Bluetooth, applications like SHAREit were developed.

SHAREit was developed to overcome slow speed of transfer and unsafe protocol. SHAREit also offers digital entertainment such as videos, music, gif, memes and films. It is the widely used app in India and worldwide.

SHAREit has more than 1.8 billion users globally, with more than six hundred million users in India & Indonesia. SHAREit’s has exceeded approx five hundred million users with presence in more than two hundred countries around the world, functioning in 45 languages.

App NameSHAREit
Rating on Google App Store4.2 /5 (7 June, 2020)
Total Installations1,000,000,000+
Size34 MB
SHAREit App playstore Details
share it chines mobile app chniese apps in india
Share it app


TikTok is a video-sharing networking application. This is used to make short dance clips, lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos. Users can make short dance videos, lip-sync and other talented videos to upload on this application. Also, people are making money from TikTok. 

Once you have become famous on this application with a huge fan following then the user starts earning. According to the survey, 39% of TikTok users are from India. It has become a widely used application in the Indian app market. 

This app TikTok is available in 75+ languages and 150 markets and surpassed YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and become the most downloaded ios application. TikTok is a platform on which people and celebrities upload videos and get credit based on the popularity and likes on their profiles. 

To use TikTok one simply has to make his/her I’d by uploading a picture and providing some basic information which will be asked by the App. Once the profile will be ready, start uploading the videos and get likes on the profile. 

App NameTikTok
Rating on Google App Store4.4/5 (j June 2020)
Total Installations1,000,000,000+
Size89 MB
TikTok App playstore Details
tik tok chinese app in india
Tik Tok App

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings is a multiplayer online game designed, developed, and published in 2014 by Elex Tech. During its first year in the market, it has been downloaded 65 million times. This game has a number of high profile celebrity endorsements. The most notable endorsed celebrity is Manchester united star Bastian. 

Clash of kings is played on the IOS and android devices. Clash of kings is a online strategy game where people from different places and over the world come, play, win and defeat each other. Since its release, it has become the top grossing app on app store and play store. Clash of kings game involves heavy thinking and strategy making mind to play.

Some secrets behind the game success revealed by the chief producer are-

  • Well balanced game
  • Social game
  • Wars
  • Chat
  • Never ending upgrades
  • Alliances  
App NameClash of Kings : The Ramadan event is on going!
Rating on Google App Store4.1/5 (7 June 2020)
Total Installations50,000,000+
Size136 MB
Clash of Kings App playstore Details
clash of king chines app

Clash of king game app

What is 5G technology, its


CamScanner is a Chinese mobile application that allows mobile devices to be used as an image scanner. Users can scan the documents anywhere; even you are not in the office. It’s auto enhancing feature makes the PDF look sharp and clear. 

Users can export the files in many ways. It has one additional feature which is optical character recognition which extracts texts from images for further sharing and editing. Do scan, save, achieve and upload anywhere anytime using CamScanner. 

In the term of security CamScanner is very safe. CamScanner is extensively used in India and worldwide. CamScanner is a phone based PDF creator; having more 100 one hundred  million downloads on Google pay. 

App NameCamScanner – Scanner to scan PDF
Rating on Google App Store4.5/5 (7 June 2020)
Total Installations100,000,000+
SizeVaries with device
CamScanner  App playstore Details
Cam scanner app a chniese app in india
CamScanner App


And last but not least PUBG, this is a Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. PUBG is an online multiplayer game designed, developed, and published by PUBG Corporation. PUBG Corporation is a subsidiary of a South Korean gaming company Blue hole. In this game up to one hundred players can participate. 

PUBG is a shooter game and up to one hundred players can play in the battle. Players fight to remain alive in this game. In the game, players can start the match with a small team or up to four players. The last person or team wins the match. 

After the completion of each round in PUBG players earns the in-game currency which is completely based on performance. Currencies that get won by players are further used to buy cosmetic items and weapons. Each match starts with one of the four maps with areas 8*8Km, 6*6Km, and 4*4Km

PUBG is the most played game around the world. It has received favorable reviews on all platforms. Due to its popularity, this is considered as the defining game of the battle royale game genre. PUBG won the award of the best multiplayer game

App NamePUBG मोबाइल – पागल मिरामार
Rating on Google App Store4.2/5 (7 June, 2020)
Total Installations100,000,000+
Size50 MB
PUBG App playstore Details
Pubg mobile game chinese app in ndia
PubG game

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Dear valued viewers as we all know that over the years, Chinese apps have been tremendously successful in taking over the Indian market. With India having the world’s leading youth population, Chinese apps how been increasing more in fame due to its adaptable apps. I hope you find the above-stated details about the list of top Chinese apps in India useful and informative and if you face any query and want to ask any question then leave your valuable comment in the comment section given below.

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