Top 5 gadgets of 2019 technology

Hi, welcome to toptechnotrends. In this post we will get to know the top 5 gadgets of 2019, these new equipment have been in trends and in the upcoming years also these would be the best choice of tech lovers. So here is the list.

top 5 gadgets of 2019
top 5 gadgets of 2019

List of coolest top 5 gadgets of 2019

  • Mixed Reality Headset

  • OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes)
  • Microsoft Holo Lens

  • Wireless charger

  • Amazon echo dot

Mix reality Headset

Mix reality headset has been one of the cool gadgets of the year 2019, however, some of its gadgets had been introduced before also by some tech companies but this year people get to know them more and their application in technology and our life.

So what is mix reality?

Mixed reality is a combination of AR, VR and real world.
This is one of the emerging technology. This is very useful to play 3D games, to visit the virtual environment, talk to people. It feels so great its experience is amazing it will experience you a real environment.

You can visit different places from your home, you can experience 3D games and can even paint by hand in a virtual way. It’s really a great thing. As you might have seen in Hollywood tech movies like Iron man, Avengers, etc. where you can interact with the virtual environment.

Mixed reality games

There are various games released on Mixed reality some of them are

Superhot VR, Space Pirates Trainer, Skyworld, Eternity Worriers VR, Batman Arkham VR, Eve: Valkyrie Etc.

Some Mixed reality games for windows.

Top 5 Mixed reality games 2019

Watch some top 5 VR games of 2019

There are many improvements happening in Mixed reality games to give the best experience to players. There is much more enhancement happening in VR devices to improve interaction with the virtual environment. This year would be best for mixed reality devices, new upgraded versions of devices could be launch.

OLED display

This year 2019 was for OLED ( Organic Light-Emitting Diodes ) display. OLED is the latest technology that is using in today’s display, it has high-resolution, high refresh rate with best picture quality as compared to the LED display it has much clear resolution and wide viewing angle.

It’s the latest technology and used in a few smartphones mainly in iPhone devices like iPhone X, Sony Panasonic TVs. This technology was also the attraction of the 2019 year. The difference between OLED and LCD in the below video also checks more details.

OLED vs LED display

What is an LED?

LCD is a flat display that uses liquid crystals to perform display operation. LCD is basically used in a smartphone, Tv, computer monitor, and various equipment display. Liquid crystals don’t emit light directly but use backlight or reflector to display the image in color or monochrome.

What is OLED?

OLED stands for organic light-emitting diode, It’s an organic electroluminescent diode. OLED made of organic thin films when they are placed in series between two conductors. Whenever the electric current is flowing the diode emits bright light. OLED displays are generally very thing because it doesn’t need a backlight.

Microsoft Holo Lens

Microsoft has released the second version of its mixed reality smartglasses HoloLense 2. Holo Lens has designed by Microsoft to give a real feel to its users and to enjoy the work of virtuality. Holo Lens first version released in 2016, there are many videos released on Mixed reality, I am sharing some of the videos down there.

Check them up and share your thought in the comment section. There are many laptops and screen support mixed reality Acer Nitro ryzen 5 also supports mixed reality. The future of virtuality is very bright, many other companies also working on this field.
We are hoping a new improved version of Holo Lens and expecting new things would be introduced in the future.

Microsoft released Holo Lens for Mixed Reality

Wireless charger

Wireless charging another demanding technology of the year 2019. Sometimes we hate mesh of wires so for them this looks very nice and generally solves the problem of compatibility. This year many smartphones came with wireless charging, Apple has been at the top again. Apple launched iPhone X and iPhone 8 comes in wireless charging.

There had been some other brand phone as well like Samsung Galaxy S8. People have a huge demand for these technologies also the price of these devices is very high due to these cool features.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon echo dot is a great product here in 2019 it’s 3rd version came. It’s an amazing gadget in the modern era, however its previous version also very much acceptable and pretty good, this is an amazing product from amazon itself. Amazon Alexa is a topmost favorite
Ai device at this time, google and apple’s Siri was also doing well but Alexa Eco dot becomes the first choice of every tech lover. It’s a chargeable device work very fine over wifi network. It gives the user the flexibility to get work done by simple voice command. Like play song, give some data and info and many other small frequent data over the internet. So this has been an amazing product of the year 2019.

top 5 gadgets of 2019 conclusion

In the above article I have given most of the relevant information about the top 5 gadgets of 2019 years, I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions about these technologies feel free to ask.

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